WELCOME TO Mándarìn 121

Mándarìn 121 is a Chinese language and culture specialist based in London providing a comprehensive range of professional and quality assured services for individuals and organisations. Our services focus on Mandarin 1-1 tuition, Mandarin 1-1 elocution, English- Chinese translation, Chinese proofreading, Chinese culture and etiquette training, and Consultancy for Business. With a team of experienced and highly qualified experts, we also design and deliver bespoke programmes as per clients' needs.

Our language and culture experts are highly dedicated and qualified professionals. Not only do they hold years of experience in their respective fields, but also have impressive academic records to match. Once you have chosen one of our programmes, we will handpick and allocate the most suitable experts to ensure that they meet your learning style, business and/ or social objectives.

All our services are also paired with added values. This is to ensure that you will receive the highest quality service which is also relevant, practical and simple to apply. Please look into our website for more details.

For quality and practicality, contact Mándarìn 121 !


Dr. Cynthia Juan Zhuang, the founder of Mándarìn 121, is now a member of British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS). This allows Mándarìn 121 to access its latest research development and really puts Mándarìn 121 on the British map as a Chinese language and culture trainer that endeavours to ensure its quality and practicality. 


 "I found Mandarin 121's approach refreshing, insightful and effective. Thank you very much!"


 "I feel much better prepared and much more comfortable."



The Pink Lotus is the symbol of Mándarìn 121. Lotus flower rises unsullied from mud and it signifies purity, divine birth, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. The pink lotus is known as the supreme lotus and its flower is considered to be the true lotus of Buddha. Therein Buddha statues often sit atop pink lotus flowers.


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