Our Chinese Culture & Social Etiquette TrainingTM aims to help individuals enhance their interpersonal relationship with Chinese. This one-day training course is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in understanding Chinese social culture and etiquette, especialy those who has a Chinese spouse or friend. 

  • It introduces you the fine arts of written and unwritten rules of conduct in Chinese social etiquette;
  • It equips you with a better understanding of the fundamental and key elements of Chinese culture to facilitate adjustments and realignment of two different cultures in interpersonal communication;
  • It provides you with some basic Chinese expressions that are essential in Chinese social events. 



Chinese Culture and Social Etiquette Training™ includes a lot of dos and don'ts, body language, social habits and etiquette for establishing respectful and enjoyable relationship with Chinese friends and/ or spouse. Key topics include: 


  • Fundamental culture awareness of Chinese social beliefs
  • Introduction and Greetings
  • Fengshui and Topics of conversation
  • Banquet etiquette
  • Sympathy etiquette
  • Requesting and Offering Help
  • Receiving visitors from China
  • Telephone and Email etiquette

The one-day training consists of both theory and practical sessions, where you will have plenty of opportunities to discuss your experience of being friends with Chinese, enhance your understanding of the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, and grow confidence in doing what Chinese do. 


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For all attendees who have successfully completed one of our Chinese Culture & Social Etiquette TrainingTM sessions, we offer one session of 30-minutes telephone consultancy on Chinese social culture and etiquette Free of charge.

Culture Consultancy is charged subject to pre-defined requirements and agreed costs. This includes all areas of your social requests to ensure and enhance your social prospects with your Chinese spouse, family and friends. These may range from advising on visiting and receiving in-laws, guiding you to arrange a dinner or party with Chinese friends, to tutoring you on attending Chinese weddings or indeed the cultural expectations of your own wedding.

Please contact us to discuss how we could help you do what Chinese do, like a fish in the water.