At Mándarìn 121, we offer both professional and high quality translation and proofreading services. We will select best suitable language experts to work on your case in accordance with its nature, be it a business document, legal document, technical manual, website, or personal credential.


Our commit to provide fast and quality translation and proofreading services does not end here, you can also be assured with our key added values:

  • Accuracy: our highly qualified language experts, and the allocation of best suitable experts, ensure that the translated and proofread documents are with high accuracy to its originals.
  • Readability: all our translated work, from English to Chinese, or vice versa, includes basic free proofreading to ensure its readability. For higher quality of readability, we also offer professional proofreading service.
  • Confidentiality: we take confidentiality as our top priority. All original and translated documents will be stored safely for up to 30 days after required work is delivered, in case you need further assistance or any changes.


Our quality and practical translation services focus on translating written materials from English to Chinese, or from Chinese to English. If you require translation from other languages to Chinese, please contact us to discuss details.


The range of written materials we work on includes:

Business Documents

  • Company Name and Address
  • Company Brochure
  • Business Card
  • Marketing Material
  • Business Contract
  • Annual Report
  • Business Plan
  • Training Manual
  • Business Correspondence (letters or emails)
  • Market Research Report
  • Project Report
  • Inviting and Making Tenders, etc

Technical Manuals

  • Product Information
  • Instruction Manual
  • Technical Report, etc

Legal Documents

  • Company Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Industrial Code of Practice
  • Proxy Form
  • Invitation Letter, etc

Personal Credentials

  • CV
  • Certificates
  • Personal Statement
  • Personal Correspondence (letters or emails), etc


  • Brochure Website
  • E-Commerce Website
  • E-Government Website, etc

Depending on its nature, we will hand-pick best suitable language experts to work on your case. Don't forget, our translation service also includes Free proofreading to ensure its accuracy and readability. 


For more details and our rate , please contact us.


Whether your translation was completed by our experts, other professionals or amateurs, our professional Chinese proofreading service will take the accuracy and readability of your translated document to its maximum. See the range of written materials we proofread here.


With years of experience and extensive insights of specialist fields, our language experts will enhance the accuracy and readability of your written materials by:


  • Correcting grammatical mistakes, inadequate punctuation, and wrong or inappropriate choice of wording;
  • Checking tables and footnotes where appropriate to ensure consistency;
  • Reformatting and/ or Restructuring part or whole of a document.


Depending on its nature, we will hand-pick best suitable language experts to work on your case.


For more details and our rate, please contact us.