To command a foreign language such as Mandarin, you need to master four language skills -- listening, speaking, reading and writing. Above all, 'speaking' is the most essential indictor of your proficiency in Mandarin.

"It's not about what you say, but how you say it"


Our Mandarin 1-1 Elocution™ is designed for Mandarin enthusiasts to enhance your proficiency in speaking 'proper' Mandarin. You will have been learning Mandarin for some time at a level where you can converse without much hesitation.



We can help you, if you are experiencing one or more of the following issues:


  • Chinese people have difficulties in understanding what you try to say;
  • You are not very confident when pronouncing some Mandarin phonetics;
  • You wish to use Chinese idioms where and as appropriate;
  • You want to enhance your articulation in Mandarin;
  • Any other issues that prevent you from speaking 'proper' Mandarin.


Our aim is to help you speak Mandarin the way that Chinese people can understand, and increase your confidence in mastering the language in the speaking form. Our elocution course focuses on:

  • Assessing and tacking specific problem areas of your spoken Mandarin;

  • Enhancing self awareness of what 'proper' Mandarin sounds like;

  • Correcting your pronunciation of phonetics as well as five Chinese tones;

  • Reducing your 'foreign' accent, but not to 'get rid of' it;

  • Cultivating your understanding of Chinese idioms: the origin and cultural background;

  • Teaching you slangs and 'popular set phrases' used amongst Chinese people nowadays. 

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